On a Himalayan, when you get to the fork in the road, You can take it.

About us

An Australian and an Irishman walk into a bar …

Graeme Warring: Grew up in Australian and got his first motorcycle when he was 7, a Honda Monkey bike. Since then riding bikes has been a way of life and passion that he has been lucky enough to combine with work. His company WePlay Media produced the gaming apps for MotoGP and Supercross, generating over 60 million downloads and a social media following over over 1.5 million fans. If you contribute to our site, we will likely share your review with our followers, thanks for checking us out.

Declan Murphy: Is from Southern Ireland and comes from a family with an obsession of all things mechanical, from motorcycles to Rally Cars. A lifetime of riding, driving and fixing gives him a great perspective he will be sharing here.

Catch up with Declan and Graeme as they discuss the bike choice for a 2500 mile trip through the Canyonlands of the south west USA.